Tubemate for PC

Tubemate for PC:

Hi mate! If you have landed here its most likely that you want to download and use tubemate for PC. This article has all the steps it needs to download and use tubemate for PC. Follow all the steps mentioned in this article , you don’t need any other article/tutorial than this!


There are many fake apps like tubemate present all over the internet. Follow this article to get the working application!

Everyone of us want to watch youtube videos, right? Obviously the answer will be in affirmative. Moreover ,millions of people watch youtube videos everyday. Youtube has given us the freedom to watch any video at anytime ,anywhere. But the problem is if there is no internet then we can’t watch youtube videos. For that we need to download those videos to view them later by saving those videos on our devices. youtube videos are the most watched videos on the internet , as using youtube is free , everyone switches to youtube if they want to watch any video . Now , there were no appropriate apps to use for downloading those videos to our devices. Recently tubemate has come into picture by solving our problem in a effective manner.

what is tubemate?

Tubemate is a very useful app for downloading youtube videos to our devices. As per now its the only application which provides the facility to download youtube videos to our PC/mobile for free. Inspite of all these features this app is available for free and at a very small size. It is available for download in almost all the platforms such as android, pc, mac , etc.,

Tubemate for PC:

Although Tubemate is available for android ,it can be downloaded and used on PC. The procedure to download and use tubemate for PC is shown here in this article.  Tubemate can be downloaded to all the versions of windows like windows 7/8/10 32bit and 64 bit.

Features of tubemate for pc:

  • Tubemate is the only free app available for downloading youtube videos.
  • Tubemate supports downloading HD quality videos.
  • Only audio of the video we wanna download can also be downloaded.
  • It has all the video qualities to download , we can download anyone of them
  • There’s also an option to download videos faster
  • Videos cann be downloaded in the background

Steps to follow to download and use tubemate for PC:

  1. First you need bluestacks to download and use tubemate , so download bluestacks on your PC . download it from the following , follow the on screen instructions to  install bluestacks on your PC . link NOTE: If you already have bluestacks then skip this step.
  2. Then open bluestacks and search for tubematesearch-icon
  3. Now open tubemate app shown in the app drawer and play any video you want.



  • You can also download tubemate apk and install it , then open it with bluestacks
  • So, download tubemate apk from the link
  • Now we have to open that apk from the bluestacks app , it will install automatically.

The best thing in tubemate is the option to choose the quality of the video while downloading.24096-GLsXBbRHyx16km8f-s-

In this way you can download any video from youtube through tubemate.

Skype for mac/iphone:

Skype for mac/iphone:

Skype is an amazing application used well known for its great user experience and video calling/voice calling/messaging features. Skype was founded on 2003 and initially it was the only app used by people for video calling. By 2011 it became so popular that Microsoft acquired it. It features many great features such as conference calling, video calling, messaging, file transfer and all these for free. Although there are some subscription charges for using skype but the free version is pretty much enough

for many purposes. Skype to skype calls are free for unlimited period of time but skype to phone number calls are charged , but then , charged very less. Skype can be handy at many situations if we want to communicate with anyone across the globe as it is available in many number of countries! If you want to use skype and don’t know how to use it on mac/iphone then stick to this article ,follow all the steps, finally you will be able to use it !zsdgdg

Skype for mac/iPhone/iPad OS:

Skype is available for many devices and can be downloaded easily. It is available in 38 languages, so there is no problem for most of the people across the globe, as all the major languages are included in it. It is also available on android .Initially it was only available for PC/MAC but now it is available on android, ios, and blackberry. If anyone wants to have a conversation with someone then they could use skype. If you are looking for the user guide of skype then follow all the steps mentioned in this tutorial/article.


  • Skype supports free skype to skype calls.
  • It has wide range of supported Os.
  • It is available on mac/ios/iPhone for free.
  • File transfer is a breeze on skype.
  • Conference calls can be done without any hustle!


  • OS should be mac os x
  • Minimum ram of 512 mb.
  • 40 mb of free space is necessary.


  • Skype is available for free and can be downloaded on almost all os platforms
  • Low subscription charges, calls can be made for low and cheap rates on mobile numbers across the globe.


  • There are no cons to mention




  1. First visit the website

  1. Now double click and launch the appsd
  2. Launch it this way:sf
  3. Click on accept buttonsdgsdh


  1. Now you are ready to go!vds

The next thing would be to just know your friends skype username and connect to them. You can do conference calls ,voice calls,video calls. You can also do meetings by connecting in a conference call.

If you want to call a mobile number then you can subscribe ,pay some money and call anyone. If you want to send any files , even then skype can be used. All these features are available for free in skype , there aren’t any other apps which are as good as skype.If you found this article useful then please share it!